Brands that take a social stand can gain quality links and benefit SEO

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May 27, 2019, 7:38 AM UTC

Taking a unique social stance can help brands get backlinks from major media sites.

The author notes that brands that take a social stand “almost always” get an SEO benefit from it. People who support or oppose the stand will try to create awareness about it amongst other like-minded individuals which will lead to the brand getting quality links.

This will work especially well if the stand is unique as the brand’s SEO ranking will improve based on backlinks from major media sites. However, brands must gauge the overall opinion of their customers before taking the stand, otherwise it could backfire.

The article also notes that geographical location of customers, their gender and age are factors that influence their reactions to a brand’s stance. For example, men are less likely to care about a brand’s political stance than women.

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