Marketers need to be open about how they use consumer data to create better engagement

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May 28, 2019, 3:06 PM UTC

To overcome privacy concerns, brands can ask customers for feedback to collect first-hand data

The author argues that though data privacy is a rising concern now, people are ready to exchange personal data to experience personalised and value-added services. Targeted communications with personalised and relevant messages can save consumers time and drive better consumer engagement.  

By creating an advanced and unified data mine, marketers can craft compelling messages matching the consumers’ shopping preferences. This piece argues that marketers should apply ‘decisioning engines’ to send emails triggered by behavioural clues.

Along with emails, marketers should utilise other channels, including text messaging and Instagram, to increase engagement rates. The author also warns that though using location-based messages can be impactful, marketers should first build a trusted relationship with consumers before implementing it.

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