Brands can use native video content to effectively target their intended audience

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May 29, 2019, 6:23 AM UTC

Scanning a competitor’s Facebook page can give brands an insight into their marketing strategy on the platform.

This article suggests various methods by which companies can “beat” their competitors on Facebook. For marketing on Facebook, brands can create native video content since it gets more engagement and views as compared to other types of content. A study cited revealed that Facebook native videos get 168% more interactions than YouTube videos.

Brands can also use Facebook to learn more about their competitor’s marketing strategy for the platform. This can be done by scanning competitor’s Facebook pages to observe their ads, messaging strategies, frequency of posting, and types of content. 

Companies can also use interest-based targeting and target a filtered audience of individuals who have liked the competitor’s page. Showing interest in the competitor’s offering indicates that those consumers are relevant for the marketer’s brand as well.

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