Brands need to promote AI-Human collaboration for providing better customer service

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May 29, 2019, 4:49 PM UTC

While machines can handle routine inquiries, customer service agents can concentrate on complex problems.

Numerous companies are substituting human customer service agents with AI-driven bots to reduce costs. But the author argues that “successful AI-powered customer services will depend on bots working with humans, not replacing them.”

This article states that  AI-powered virtual agents can typically handle 80% of consumer queries without assistance but they lack the emotional intelligence to handle complex human interactions. Though AI can answer regular questions and update consumer data on the system, human agents are more suited to placate a frustrated customer with empathy.

Bots can also assist human agents by pulling up relevant data like new discounts or displaying out-of-stock products, that might aid the customer. The report states that a human agent can save time and achieve a higher level of productivity by collaborating with AI.

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