Facebook’s privacy shift will make it harder for marketers to track engagement

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May 30, 2019, 4:08 PM UTC

It will be harder for brands to verify the performance of their influencers.

This piece argues that brands will feel the impact of Facebook’s move to improve user privacy as it tries to placate both users and regulatory bodies. As algorithms become more important in determining what content people watch, marketers would be under increasing pressure.

Marketers, who depend on Facebook’s metrics, might find it challenging to select appropriate influencer partners due to a lack of access in the new regime. Under the new system, marketers will need to cross-check the performance metrics of influencers with Facebook.

With Facebook pitching ‘groups’ to help marketers get insights about their consumers, marketers will need to draw qualitative inferences from them. The author says that in the absence of access to metrics, marketers might even need to invest more on paid media.

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