B2B marketers are looking to AI for optimising media-buying plans

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May 31, 2019, 5:29 PM UTC

Marketers are seeking more personalised and intimate customer engagement.

B2B marketers are increasingly using AI to augment the results of their campaigns across the internet. According to research by InfiniGrow, more than 80% of B2B marketers are using Artificial Intelligence to optimise media buying and bidding.

This piece says that based on their AI capabilities, Quora and LinkedIn are best placed to benefit from the increase in ad spend. According to the data from InfiniGrow, Quora is expected to grow by 28% while LinkedIn is likely to gain 26%.  

Marketers are surrendering the benefits of gated content as they chase more customers on open platforms. The report says that 32% of the adspend is now going into content marketing, while event budgets are projected to rise by 27%.

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