Addressing confirmation bias can lead to healthier relationships between brands and agencies

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June 03, 2019, 6:45 AM UTC

A confirmation bias can cause a conflict between reality and a brand’s perception of it.

This article notes that a confirmation bias is a barrier to innovation as it doesn’t allow a new, fresh idea to be “confirmed”. It also acts as a barrier to creative ideas that conflict with the brand’s beliefs.

This can lead to conflicts between departmental silos like the sales team versus brand managers as each of them would apply data in a manner that suits their confirmation bias. Also, agencies are less likely to push for innovation if they believe to have a stronger relationship with their client than it actually is.

The author notes that the first step is to recognise that confirmation bias exists. Addressing this can help build healthier relationships between brands and agencies. Marketers can make unbiased decisions by allowing for conflicting questions and views in the decision-making process.

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