Only 40% of consumers think that AI could improve customer service of businesses

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June 06, 2019, 6:44 AM UTC

70% of consumers would rather connect with customer service personnel than an AI or a chatbot.

A study by Pega revealed that customers have trust issues with AI as only 40% of them think it could improve customer service of businesses that they interact with. Also, less than 30% of respondents are “comfortable” and only 9% are “very comfortable” with brands that use AI for customer interaction. 

70% of those polled would prefer it if a human handled their customer service request rather than an AI system or a chatbot. Additionally, 69% of consumers indicated they would be more inclined to share truthful information with a human rather than an AI.

53% of those surveyed think that AI could show bias while making decisions. 56% of consumers don’t think it is possible to make machines that could behave in a moral manner.

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