Gen X is 32% more receptive to audio ads than all other age groups

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June 07, 2019, 4:42 AM UTC

People belonging to this age group are otherwise “generally elusive” to advertising.

A study conducted by Magna, IPG Media Lab and Pandora found that audio listeners are 35% more receptive to advertising when they’re relaxed and focussed. Even Generation X, considered “generally elusive” to advertising, has 32% higher receptivity to audio ads as compared to other age groups.

The report also found that while being focussed in activities and hobbies, viewers are less receptive to video advertising. The level of engagement with video ads goes up when these consumers are excited or stressed.  

Millennial parents were found to be 27% more receptive to video ads while 15% more receptive to audio ads than those people without children. Overall, the report states that people are receptive to both audio and video ads while feeling excited and spending time with family.

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