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About 26.6% of consumers would be comfortable with local brands using their personal information for marketing purposes.

An Infogroup research revealed that 39.4% of consumers are not comfortable with businesses of any size using their personal information for marketing. However, 26.6% consumers are at ease with local brands using their personal information for marketing, with only 11.3% consumers trusting big companies.

Also, 70.8% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands through email. 64.9% of the respondents are comfortable sharing their email address with brands and only 24.6% of consumers would share their phone numbers.

Companies can win over consumers by providing excellent products and services (58.2%), using meaningful content (15.4%) and relevant ads or messaging (11%). 31.9% of consumers feel that a brand has too much information about them if they receive offers after they have moved or haven’t updated their contact.

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