Marketing automation allows brands to distinguish between useful and unwanted personalisation

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June 10, 2019, 5:48 AM UTC

Automation can help marketers understand this difference and let them operationalise accordingly.

This article states that leveraging marketing automation can help brands expand margins, offer individualisation at scale and efficiently manage time for higher-value efforts. The author cautions that if automating marketing efforts sesem to invade consumer privacy or deliver poor experiences, consumers may rebel.

The piece also states that though consumers continue to exchange personal data for perks, 51% of consumers are now hesitant in providing personal data due to “scepticism or distrust”. Marketers must use consumer data to provide useful and not unwanted personalisation.

Thus, the author recommends marketers can interact with customers to get both qualitative and quantitative guidance regarding the kind of personalisation customers are looking for. The article also states that for marketers using technologies like AI, they must test the usage for possible risks and rewards.

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