B2B brands must create “connected” experiences to bridge offline and online consumer interactions

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June 12, 2019, 6:35 AM UTC

This would involve re-evaluating what consumers mean by connected experiences.

This article highlights that the changes in B2B buyer behaviour are driven by changes in consumer behaviour. Given that, marketers need to look at the overall role of marketing in customer experience and how that can drive growth and generate revenue.

Businesses must create connected experiences while allowing seamless integration of offline and online consumer interactions. While creating connected experiences, marketers must also consider what the whole customer journey looks like. 

Brands will need to balance delivering real-time responses while serving customers who continue to value human relationships. To be able to deliver experiences of high quality and value, marketers must also try to gain insights from the “bigger picture” by using data. With consumer’s changing expectations from brand interactions, marketers also need to reassess how consumers define “connected” experiences.    

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