Brands must ensure that a celebrity activist or endorser is an authentic or natural fit

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June 13, 2019, 6:11 AM UTC

They must also consider if a cause would be better served by micro-influencers instead of celebrities.

The author notes that having a celebrity advocate for a brand’s cause can amplify the message. However, it doesn’t guarantee that the message will be “received or received well”. So, brands need a spokesperson who is a natural and authentic fit. Such an endorser should also be passionate about and connected to the cause.

Brands can also use micro-influencers to carry the cause’s message instead of a celebrity. The American audience desires relatable experiences which could be delivered better by micro-influencers.

Depending on the cause, the ROI delivered by micro-influencers could surpass that of a celebrity endorser. Brands could also keep in mind whether they would be able to deal with the blowback resulting from a spokesperson’s public mistakes or behaviour that doesn’t align with the brand values.

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