52% of global consumers expect to find what they’re after in three clicks or less

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June 14, 2019, 7:13 AM UTC

A report found companies largely failing to meet this consumer expectation.

According to a research by Salesforce, 52% of global consumers expect to find what they need from brands in three clicks or less. The report revealed that companies are failing to meet this expectation.

The research found that only 40% of the respondents are able to achieve their tasks in three seconds or under, which leads to missed sales opportunities. The article notes that one way to address the issue is by personalising experiences for consumers by using AI.

60% of shoppers expect businesses to use insights from previous interactions with the consumers to craft tailored engagement. Additionally, the study found that 88% of consumers are loyal to the companies they trust, while 90% of business buyers are faithful to brands they trust.  

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