Brands need to reimagine popular formats to create engaging videos

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June 20, 2019, 6:43 AM UTC

Using celebrities and well-known figures to host videos can create more involving content.

This piece says that marketers need to listen to their intuition and create video content that they would like to see themselves. Brands can create engaging content by repurposing popular formats like ASMR videos in an imaginative manner.

The article suggests that videos should feature people who can explain things with “optimum charisma and insight” instead of always relying on in-house talent. Using outside talent can help the video pull more audiences than company executives.

Marketers also need to utilise the first few seconds of a video to grab the customer’s attention. The author suggests that videos should not start with static content like company logos. Instead, they should focus on getting in action and dialogue within the first three seconds of the video. 

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