Marketers can influence customer decisions with flexible content offerings

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June 20, 2019, 3:09 PM UTC

B2B consumers prefer suppliers which provide them with personalised value-added content to help their purchase decisions.

This article recommends B2B marketers to shift their content creation strategies from “mass production” to “mass customisation”. Marketers can understand key customer personas by identifying key priority segments. It can also help marketers repurpose older content with relevant consumer insights.

Deploying consumer data can aid marketers craft customised content and accurate messaging for their users to drive purchase decisions. This piece states that B2B customers are more likely to reward suppliers that provide value rather than just recognising them. 

The author suggests that brands should create flexible content and position selection filters on the website to offer a customised experience. This gives customers a feeling of empowerment and saves marketers’ the need to over-tailor content.

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