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Average weekly reach for TV went down from 90.2% (2017) to 88.5% in 2018.

Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2019 revealed that the total revenue for commercial broadcasters in UK in 2018 was £11.3 billion. Revenue from TV shopping and sponsorships and increases in pay TV made up for a 4% drop in net advertising revenue.

UK audiences were observed to be spending 3 hours 12 minutes per day on average watching TV. This is a drop of 11 minutes from 2017. Viewership among 16-24 year olds dropped by 15 minutes since 2017 to settle at 1 hour 25 minutes each day in 2018.

Additionally, the report observed commercial radio revenue to be flat (y-o-y) at £572 million. At 89.4%, the overall reach for radio remained high.

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