Conducting an SEO, website audit can be beneficial for the “health” of a brand

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July 18, 2019, 7:55 AM UTC

Companies could use audit tools such as, SEOMATER and Zadroweb. 

This article recommends conducting various audits, periodically, to spot a company’s weaknesses and problem areas. Such an exercise also helps brands generate important reports for current and future reference in addition to maintaining a brand’s “health”.

An SEO audit can be conducted to identify issues hindering a website from gaining visitors. It can also help discover problems with organic search traffic, backlinks and content. Companies could use SEO site audit tools such as SEOMATER, Zadroweb and SEOptimser that can assist in report analysis and determine errors fast.

Conducting a website audit would involve everything from data analytics to performance enhancements. Such an audit exposes broken links, out-of-date features and whether or not a site is optimised for mobile.

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