Cross-platform analysis of attribution solutions helps optimisation, measurement efforts

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July 19, 2019, 4:16 AM UTC

Limitations in one attribution format can be counterbalanced by the capabilities in the other.

Combining Google Analytics with Facebook’s attribution solutions lets marketers measure and optimise performance. They can access the limitations and benefits of each platform to fill in the gaps and measure the accuracy of their attributions.

Google Analytics houses Data Driven Attribution (DDA) and can view all the clicks, converting and non-converting traffic. Using this, marketers can optimise their ad spend by gathering insights. Facebook attribution’s cross-device tracking capability tracks and analyses users better than other platforms.

Linking these two attribution models lets marketers see the boarder picture, optimising their online advertising performance. Brands should run lift tests and create control groups to run a randomised trial for a particular ad. The difference in the performance can provide marketers with the incremental value of an ad.

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