Ads on mobile see higher favourability when observed next to high-quality content

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July 22, 2019, 3:48 AM UTC

The quality of the content surrounding an ad has an impact on viewer’s reaction to the ad.

A biometric research conducted by Integral Ad Science (IAS) in partnership with Neuro-Insight revealed that how a viewer reacts to an ad on mobile depends on the quality of the environment it is viewed in. The report found that if content surrounding an ad was “unsavoury”, people would be three times less willing to associate with those advertisers.

The research found that ads viewed in high-quality mobile environments were seen 74% more favourably as compared to those in low-quality environments. The engagement rate of high-quality content is 20% higher with 30% greater memorability.

Brain activities of 50 people were studied during a 30-minute mobile experience. Across eight different mobile sites, each participant saw eight digital display creatives in banner ads.  

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