Businesses could let analytics guide the optimisation of a sales funnel

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July 23, 2019, 4:43 AM UTC

Using an analytics tool can let firms identify a customer’s drop-off point.

This article states how the use of analytics can help brands optimise their sales funnels. The author recommends using analytics to monitor the success of a sales funnel. Businesses can do this by tracking the level of traffic on webpages.

Using analytics to track “cliff-edge” visitor figures signals marketers to rethink their approach. Sales funnel analytics can also point out whether a company needs to revisit its engagement strategies. To better engage customers, the author suggests investing in fresh content.

The piece states that tools such as Finteza can help evaluate the performance of a sales funnel. Such a tool is useful for identifying a drop-off point as it would typically register email subscriptions, account registration, carry out behavioural analytics among other tasks.

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