When selling to a small business, brands must clearly communicate the “hidden costs”

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July 25, 2019, 11:18 AM UTC

They must also make ROI a focal point of the conversation.

The author suggests measures to companies looking to sell to small businesses. Such businesses tend to be extremely “literal” in the way they look at cash and their bottom line. They frequently fail to “see” hidden costs and so it helps to communicate what those costs are to them.  

In contrast to big brands, short term sales matter more to small companies given their focus on cashflow. So, when engaging such businesses, it is advisable to make it an ROI conversation.  

To further engage them, the author recommends promoting events using Facebook ads, Instagram ads and LinkedIn. Businesses could run low cost ads at a target location, provide a link to a Google Form which carries more details, insights from which can help determine the likelihood of conversion.

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