Brands could develop a customised media mix to engage Gen Z

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August 07, 2019, 6:56 AM UTC

A cited Accenture report states that 40% of all consumers will be Gen Z by 2020.

This piece states that Gen Z, between 13-22 years of age, spend most of their time viewing content, including branded content, on Instagram and Snapchat, and platforms like Netflix, YouTube and Hulu. They prefer social media channels over traditional media like newspaper or television to stay updated.

Marketers can create a customised media mix, of which Instagram could be an important aspect, to engage Gen Z consumers. Such engagement can be further enhanced by offering Gen Z experiential, pop-up “Instagrammable experiences”. Such events allow them to generate shareable social media content.

The author recommends that companies could also collaborate with nano-influencers over celebrities and subject matter experts. This is given that Gen Z audiences are influenced more by friends and family.

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