Paid ads give marketers access to scalable metrics that track returns

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August 07, 2019, 4:04 AM UTC

On the contrary, returns from organic content are neither trackable nor scalable.

This piece argues that by relying on organic content to drive social media marketing, businesses may miss out the other opportunities offered by social media platforms. Organic efforts can bring in more likes and comments, but cannot drive sales.

A cited Harvard Business Review study revealed that liking a brand on Facebook neither impacts consumer behaviour nor leads to purchases. Whereas, paid content allows marketers to track their returns through numerous scalable metrics like, leads generated and conversions.

Social media platform’s ad placement opportunities enable companies to do advanced targeting based on their target audiences. Brian Boland, former VP of Advertising Technology at Facebook notes that, “Paid media on Facebook allows businesses to reach broader audiences more predictably, and with much greater accuracy than organic content.”

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