Holding Mock interviews can assist executives in communicating better

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August 28, 2019, 4:31 PM UTC

Establishing expectations for an interview can help in making sure interviews go smoothly. 

Media agencies should establish clarity and expectations for an interview with CEOs and executive of a brand to accurately interpret the interview. Mock interviews can help executives who are weak at communicating to analyse and improve their communication styles.

This piece says that agencies can help executives communicate with their employees better by finding their strengths, like one-on-one meetings. A veteran non-profit CEO, Janice Booth, says that leaders should “understand their communication style” and have the right tools for effective communication.

Brands can further seek out “media friendlies” who are willing to do a “desk-side briefing” for a bit of practice before a press release or an interview. The author suggests that brands can further delegate specific communication tasks to more capable communicators in their company.

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