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Research from Location Sciences found that 29% of ad impressions missed their target. 

Approximately two-thirds of ad spend on location-based targeting is squandered in the US due to poor data quality and mistargeting. The research further found that 36% of ad impressions weren’t good enough to be delivered to areas that required location-based campaigns.

This piece says that insufficient location signals affect the effectiveness of targeted advertising for every $100,000 spent only $29,000 delivered impressions outside of the targeted area. An additional $36,000 was also wasted due to insufficient location signals.

Mark Slade, chief executive, Location Sciences, said: “While some location data suppliers are doing an excellent job – there is still a large percentage of suppliers who are significantly underperforming.” The research covered 500m digital location-targeted impressions in the UK and the US between January and June 2019.

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