Marketers can use mobile measurement platforms to track campaigns and Ad spend

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August 29, 2019, 9:30 AM UTC

Acknowledging “empty installs” can help brands fight mobile fraudsters.

Mobile measurement platforms (MMP) can provide marketers with granular details of ad spend activities and prevent potential fraudsters from stealing ad spend budget. Reinforcing ad-tech prevention tactics like acknowledging “empty installs” and “fake registered users” can further help brands fight mobile fraudsters.

Fraudsters are also using “Spoof” registrations, which overwrite the MMP database, is an attempt to pull off a larger fraud. Brands can prevent this by only allowing only the app or internal servers to post data on the MMP database.

This piece notes marketers should look out for activities like fewer post-install events and an unusually high amount of registrations to identify potential fraudsters. Posting consumer data on MMP that can only be accessed by the brand allows marketers to speed up the fraud identification process.

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