Brands could apply cognitive neuroscience to their marketing strategy

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August 30, 2019, 10:01 AM UTC

Its fundamentals could be useful for conversion optimisation.

This article suggests using cognitive neuroscience to aid conversions. This would involve understanding how a customer’s emotions, thoughts, memories and overall frame of mind can be targeted during online shopping.

Businesses are suggested to create cognitive ease or basically, make it easier for consumers to make purchase decisions. Brands can do this by using simple, direct language, improving readability and using visual product descriptions.

Another recommendation is to implement the Von Restorff Effect or the isolation effect. Marketers could use its principles to guide consumers to call-to-action buttons through visual contrasts and cues. By employing the anchoring effect, making people rely on an initial piece of information as a reference point, marketers can subconsciously influence the prices customers consider to be acceptable.

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