Have a “purchase to implementation” plan to get the most out of martech

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August 30, 2019, 3:16 AM UTC

Brands must focus on the value that a martech tool may bring.

This article states that clear research and documentation and insight into how teams implement and use martech tools must guide the purchase of marketing technologies. The author points out that there is more to incorporating martech than just procuring it.

Some factors to consider before procurement are the readiness of an organisation, identifying who the intended dedicated “owner” of the technology is supposed to be and the quality of input. Since martech tools don’t operate independently, businesses must determine where a technology might fit in an existing stack.

The piece suggests prioritising value over price while buying. A tool costing less may suit a proof-of-concept phase but may not be perform well in the long term. Further, bringing in the IT team before purchasing can help avoid potential resistance.

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