With Instagram hiding “likes”, marketers must look at producing high-quality content

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August 30, 2019, 6:45 AM UTC

Typically, likes are reflective of the consumers’ mind-set of “if they have a lot of ‘likes,’ they must be good.”

This article notes the implications of Instagram’s plan to hide “likes” from all posts on the main feed, profiles and permalink pages. They will only be viewable to the account owner and manager.

Likes have been a key indicator for brands to measure engagement and ascertain the likability of their business, products and services, and competitors. But now, marketers will have to work on generating engagement by producing high-quality, compelling content.

Such content could include product showcases, testimonials, employee profiles and workplace office culture. Additionally, Instagram’s move could affect influencer marketing as influencers and brands rely heavily on “likes”. To work around this, businesses will need to develop a different marketing strategy or reduce its focus on influencer marketing.

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