YouTube dismantles its paywall for new shows to maximise audiences

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August 30, 2019, 2:16 PM UTC

The streaming site is aiming to get an edge over other streaming platforms like Netflix.

Video streaming platform YouTube is removing its paywall for new shows during a limited window to maximise audiences.  The Google-owned website is hoping that the move will give it a significant advantage over subscriber-based streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple and Disney.

While most streaming platforms are offering ad-free paid content, YouTube is experimenting with letting people watch premium content on their platform for free. The move will let audiences to watch programs like Karate Kid follow-up series Cobra Kai without paying for premium content. 

YouTube is planning to generate income through advertisements, which contributed $15 billion to its coffers last year. However, the company will “not dismantle its paywall completely as much of its current library remains beholden to strict contracts with producers which mandate a paywall.”

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