B2B brands could invest a portion of their social media budget in creating video content

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September 03, 2019, 5:28 AM UTC

Tools such as Animoto, Promo and ClipChamp can help create video ad content.

This article makes recommendations on how B2B companies could spend their social media budget. The author suggests investing in creating video content for long-term benefits.

This can be done by using video creation tools or by hiring a freelance video creator or editor. Additionally, the piece recommends using headline and caption to differentiate an ad from other content on feeds and platforms. This content can inform potential customers on why they should be interested in the product.

Choosing an advertising platform can help the brand reach their intended audience. Among platforms, investing in YouTube is one suggestion made. The article provides that 90% of bumper ad campaigns on the platform demonstrated a 30% global ad recall rate.

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