Balance automation and personalisation to build a “successful relationship” with customers

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September 03, 2019, 1:18 AM UTC

Overdoing automation makes brands seem detached, and getting too personal makes them seem intrusive.

Marketers use automation to help them with a range of daily tasks, including delivering personalisation. The article cites a survey stating that while 75% of marketing teams use automation tools, 61% of marketers are concerned about the lack of personalisation owing to automation.

The author recommends offering relevant and valuable content without using “intrusive data”. Since customers are familiar with receiving personalised content that’s informed by transactional data, sending automated and personalised emails seems less invasive. Furthermore, marketers should understand what interactions will make their audience feel “special or unsettled”.

Brands must use automation to enhance customer experience instead of eliminating “the human touch”. Automation and personalisation can be merged by inserting customer names in emails and encouraging interaction between the brand and potential customers.

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