Crafting a brand identify early on helps maintain a consistent look and feel in videos

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September 05, 2019, 2:50 AM UTC

This translates to a consistent brand image for the audience.  

Companies can learn from indie filmmakers how to produce great video content on a budget. They must identify the message to be conveyed and the audience they want to address.

Businesses must determine who on their team looks more natural on camera. They must prepare the “actor” with the main questions that they are going to be asked. The article lists elements that could be incorporated in videos. These are the company logo, a call-to-action, intro and outro music, introductory graphics and captions.

Brands could hire a professional cinematographer to suggest creative ideas and recommend interesting shots and angles that could bring the products to life. Companies can tap in-house resources for video editing if going with professionals isn’t an option.  

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