Implementing holistic sales performance management can improve sellers and sales outcomes

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September 11, 2019, 4:24 PM UTC

Sales performance data is typically leveraged to inform compensation planning, job advancements and training needs.

This piece defines holistic sales performance as a deliberate and unified approach that broadens the concept to span enablement, coaching, compensation and recognition. Implementing this strategic step can drive performance and enable teams to achieve results.

The approach can help sales leader to focus more on the primary sales role and ensure all key priorities are being supported, rewarded and recognised. But to improve the performance, sales leaders should educate both sales managers and sellers about their roles and goals of the process.

The author contends that Holistic sales performance management is an essential investment in sellers and sales outcomes. Leveraging both quantitative analyses with qualitative assessments can help inform when coaching needs to be supported by enablement and compensation.

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