Having a brand name in the domain address can improve the website's search ranking

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September 13, 2019, 4:49 PM UTC

Google rewards organisations that have a powerful, recognisable brand in their domain name.

This piece recommends that brands should use their organisation’s name in their website domain name. It can help the website rank higher as well as making it memorable. It can also stop potential competitors and poachers from using the branded domain for “nefarious purposes.”

Brands can also optimise their domain name to include one or more keywords relevant to their business. It can make the context of the domain clear to both users and search engines. But, search engines may crackdown websites with long domain names and keywords stuffed purposefully to improve rankings.

The author suggests that organisations can include a keyword or two in their domain name if they naturally fit into it. But they should avoid stuffing excessive and irrelevant keywords.

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