In a marked uptick global ad spend expected to rise 6% in 2020

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October 24, 2019, 10:41 AM UTC

Ad spend will still be lower than 7.3% recorded last year.

Global ad spend is expected to grow 6% compared to the 2.5% growth in 2019, according to WARC’s Global Advertising Trends. Major events like the US elections and Tokyo Olympics are projected to have a positive impact on global growth.

For the first time, over half of the global ad investments are expected to come from combined internet formats, driven by Facebook, Google and YouTube. Amazon’s ad share is expected to rise to 2.5%, while Alphabet’s to 23.1% and Facebook’s to 12.9%.

Ad investment is set to rise above the global rate next year for eight categories, including financial services and household & domestic, among others. Retail, the largest sector in the analysis, is expected to have the lowest growth though its 2.6% rise is “its strongest since 2013”.

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