Over-55s think of their favourite brands as “sexy” and “inspiring”

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October 24, 2019, 12:46 PM UTC

Consumers are motivated to buy from brands that tap into individuality, security and social inclusion.

A study conducted by Brilliant Noise shows that people over 55 years perceive their favourite brands as “sexy” compared to other demographics. The study indicates that brands are “missing an opportunity by playing it safe with older consumers”.

The survey also says that older consumers were most likely to unconsciously associate their preferred brands with being “popular”, “inspiring” or “sexy”. The demographic however also looked for conventional “authentic”, “secure” and “traditional” brands.

In contrast, shoppers in the 18-34 years’ age group were twice as likely to value brands that showed uniqueness or creativity. Antony Mayfield, chief executive of Brilliant Noise said that since conscious and subconscious factors influence purchasing decisions, brands must connect with their customers’ emotions on a deeper level, beyond data points.

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