Brands should look out for meaningful content while partnering up with influencers

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October 29, 2019, 2:53 PM UTC

Scrutinising influencer content before partnering up with them allows brands to determine actual engagement effectively.

Instagram’s plan to remove likes and view counts from user posts might change how brands connect with influencers. To work around these changes, brands should partner up with those influencers who create meaningful content, rather than just looking at likes, reactions or views.

This piece contends that marketers should look out for engaging content like long comment threads on posts to determine the actual audience engagement of an influencer. Brands can further check other social channels of influencers and research their past clients to determine their value.

The author contends brands can further team up with other companies to create effective co-branded content. Marketers should analyse social media profiles of different brands for visible engagement metrics before pitching for a co-branded campaign.

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