Businesses should not be threatened by the new incognito mode on Google Maps

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October 29, 2019, 12:04 PM UTC

They should note how Google strikes a balance between privacy and ad personalisation.

Google recently announced that Android users could soon conduct incognito searches on Google Maps, without having their activity saved on their accounts. Upon activating the incognito mode, users won’t be offered any personalised recommendations based on their usage history.

For businesses who are worried about the incognito mode hurting their visibility on Google Maps, the author advises not considering it a threat. Instead, he suggests taking it as a response to the rising privacy concerns post-GDPR.

As per the author, the incognito mode is Google’s “safe harbour move” to counter undesirable media reactions related to user privacy. Given Apple’s privacy controls, iOS users will be able to opt-out of sharing their location with merchants when in close proximity to their business.

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