Creating Instagram stories using different video formats can help marketers drive traffic

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October 29, 2019, 12:52 PM UTC

Brands should leverage Instagram stories to widen their reach and enhance engagement.

Leveraging different video formats like GIFs and Boomerang while making Instagram stories can help companies attract audiences and increase the brand reach. Having a clear beginning, middle and end on Instagram stories allow brands to communicate effectively while providing valuable information to the audience.

By creating content on day-to-day life, brands can connect with their audiences in a meaningful way and build up trust. The author contends that marketers can include text, music and interactive stickers on their Instagram stories to retain their audience’s attention and interest.

This piece says that opting for hands-free recording and using face filters can further help marketers enhance their follower count on Instagram. Brands can use tools like GIF Maker to turn their pictures into a sequence and create branded content.

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