Plan addressable targeting tactics using people-based methods

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October 29, 2019, 11:17 AM GMT+0

Brands should leverage modern platforms to be “people-based” in planning and addressable activation.

This article states that with addressable marketing, advertisers can display specific ads to targeted individuals on television and OTT platforms. Addressability finds application in upper and mid-funnel tactics where marketers can “surgically serve impressions to a set of identified prospects” who may be valuable customers.

Since addressable media is more measurable and accountable, marketers can get good returns. However, the author suggests media planners to be watchful of their return on ad spend, and support the effectiveness of addressable tactics by using other broader reach tactics.

The author adds that each tactic should be planned through people-based methods of using data on potential customers to build media plans. Marketers should identify person-level insights based on media consumption levels, attitudes towards media, historic media engagement and its resulting behaviours.

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