Brands could use storytelling to foster a “hero connection”

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October 30, 2019, 9:30 AM UTC

Consumers invest in purpose-driven brands who empower them to create a change.

This article states that an organisation’s purpose-driven marketing strategy should place customers at the forefront. And, consumers who identify as change-makers should view a brand’s product or service as a way to achieve their personal objectives.

The author argues that marketers should empower customers with a feeling that makes them a “hero” by investing in their brands. This can be achieved by providing consumers with a clear path from the point-of-purchase to the final impact.

Companies should also forge a connection between buyers and their brand’s mission, such that making a purchase feels similar to “activism”. The article also illustrates how The Body Shop employs digital media to narrate the story of its commitment towards uplifting small, global suppliers to promote sustainability.

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