Apply the characteristics of a “winning opportunity” to current sales pipelines

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October 31, 2019, 6:43 AM UTC

Ensure prospects who receive information reciprocate with something of value.

This article recommends marketers to differentiate viable opportunities from those that may fail. The author emphasises knowing the time spent on a winning opportunity as against the time spent on all opportunities to prevent sales reps from wasting their effort on weaker prospects.

After understanding the characteristics of a winning opportunity, marketers should apply it to their existing pipeline, enabling their reps to spot the trends beforehand. Despite having a smooth sales funnel and sales cycle process, opportunities can slip because the right people weren’t involved.

Depending on the sales methodology, businesses should have stipulated roles to ensure the timely involvement of the right people. Brands should be wary of communicating indirectly with leads through calls or emails where they provide all necessary information without receiving anything in return.

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