More than two in five British users have come across inaccurate content on social media

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October 31, 2019, 6:45 PM UTC

48% of users in Britain believe profiles of celebrities are either entirely or partially dishonest.

A YouGov poll has revealed that 41% of users in the UK claimed to have seen inaccurate content on social media platforms in the last month. 21% of users said that they had identified misleading content on social media, with younger users more likely to identify misinformation.

Respondents also didn’t consider any group of users as “completely authentic” with 48% of users believed celebrity profiles to be either “not at all’ or “somewhat dishonest”. Only 25% of users considered the profiles of their family to be “very honest.”

54% see dishonesty by influencers as more important than dishonesty from family members (35%). But, most respondents said they like their celebrities and influencers to be authentic.

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