Creating a modern sales playbook can help brands optimise digital selling techniques

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November 01, 2019, 4:41 PM UTC

Marketers should use an Omni-channel approach to reach out to prospects in different market segments.

This article notes that creating a sales playbook with the behaviour of potential prospects built into it allows brands to connect with them on digital platforms. Building market segments for consumers with similar pain points can help marketers efficiently target them with the right messages.

While every prospect has their ideal communication platform, using an Omni-channel approach can help brands to reach out to them effectively. Marketers should also highlight channel activities into their sales playbook, guiding the sales team on how to connect with them effectively.

Brands can leverage new technology and resources such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator for an enhanced reach. The author contends encouraging the sales team to ask for referrals can help with further sales.

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