Gen Z is more likely to try food grown with technology than other age groups

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November 01, 2019, 1:28 PM UTC

Ketchum's Consumer Perception Study measured respondent's physical responses like heart rate, skin fluctuations while watching food tech videos.

Younger consumers are more open to the idea of consuming food created from technology than older generations. 77% of Gen Z are willing to try food made from technology which is 10% more than millennials.

Younger consumers are also more likely to want to impact how food is grown, packaged and sold than BabyBoomers and Gen X. 27% Gen Z and 29% of millennials fit the profile of “Food eVangelists” or food influencers, while the number is around 8% for baby boomers. 

This piece says communicators should “bridge that divide” so consumers understand the benefits of food technology. Brands need to create dynamic and engaging content that can help people “connect with the real purpose”.

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