B2B marketers should develop a personal brand on social media for enhanced reach

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November 04, 2019, 4:15 PM UTC

A relatable personal brand can help build a genuine human connection with the buyers.

This piece notes that creating a personal brand can not only help B2B marketers enhance their brand reach, but also connect with consumers better. Marketers should craft content that aligns with the message of their companies and helps put a human face as the source of information.

By having a balanced approach that aligns their passions with their profession, B2B marketers can create and share exciting stories about their brands. Creating catchy headlines and covering trendy topics can further help B2B marketers get the attention of their audiences and increase engagement.

B2B marketers should present their personal ideas and views about the industry to build their personal brand. Brands can also develop an employee advocacy program to encourage employees to share content promoting the company.

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