Creating short introductory LinkedIn videos can help brands acquire new customers

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November 06, 2019, 1:56 PM UTC

Brands should align their LinkedIn customer acquisition strategy with organisational goals for enhanced customer acquisition.

This piece recommends marketers should produce LinkedIn videos aimed at the initial, consideration and conversion stages of consumer acquisition.  Creating introductory and motivational videos enable companies to develop a positive feeling among their potential consumers and increase brand awareness.

Understanding the company goals and tying them with relevant campaign KPIs can help marketers develop an effective consumer acquisition strategy. Creating LinkedIn video ads of an average length of 15 seconds can help retain the consumers’ attention and ultimately acquire them.

Corporate social responsibility videos can also motivate indecisive consumers, while testimonial videos can also help convert consumers. The author suggests that marketers can further optimise their LinkedIn videos by adding description and hashtags to reach a wider audience.

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