Duplicate content could result in unfriendly URLs in search results

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November 06, 2019, 10:21 AM UTC

Faceted navigation could often lead to duplicate or near-duplicate content.

Duplicate content is an area of concern for many site owners. Even more so as it can harm a brand’s SEO performance. This could be through unfriendly URLs in search results, backlink dilution, reducing crawl budget and republished or scraped content outranking the original content.

The author states some causes of duplicate content. One cause is faceted navigation, the filter and sort actions on a website. As various combinations of filters exist on webpages, it often results in duplicate or near-duplicate content. Case-sensitive URLs are another cause as URLs are case-sensitive for Google.

Additionally, offering similar content to people in different locales who speak the same language can lead to duplicate content. In such cases, hreflang tags inform search engines about the relationship between the variations.

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